Espérer or Abandonner


Is giving up a rescue to all the problems? Is giving up so easy? Is giving up so less painful that it has ended up being the most used solution? Is giving up so helpful? Giving up has always been a heavy word, isn’t it? Or does giving up vary from episode to episode?

Giving up is the sentimental form of acids that eats away elements like hope. Hope, another deep word, can only be germinated when when one has those essential ingredients to nourish it. The ones that hold the guts to hope, finds giving up a way too impulsive way to fight situations. Hope holds second chance. It holds emotions that are heartwarming and concerned filled. Hoping doesn’t expect a person to be mature it just makes him mature. Hope is love. Hope is passion. Hope is a desire and hope is a dream.

Life is way too calculative when is comes to throwing problems at humans. Those problems are a metaphor to mathematical problems. There can be more than one way to find the answer but not all lead to the accurate and satisfying.

Society says life is an exam, you only succeed when you are prepared. The question that strikes in is, what is preparation of life exams? Authors do publish books for a spiritual and simpler life but not all of those facts are applicable to all. Then how can one prepare for the toughest examination?

Life will itself preach a way for preparation. And it will always be a two way out. One hoping and the other giving up! Hoping will give peaceful results and giving up, dreadful ones. But will life always be easy when you hope? Society says ‘A person is what his life makes it’ whilst I believe ‘ Life is what a person makes it’. Karma will be badass when you give up but it will be equally challenging you when you choose to hope. And so giving up is not a solution.

But somewhere down the line, deep in the heart, hoping will provide serenity. Giving up will give short term peace but a long term grief and maybe that’s why it is the most useful of the mist impulsive ones. And trust me the chase of hoping is much more vibrant and adventurous then giving up.

It does vary from circumstances to circstamce but but it will end up weakening the persistence level, the endurance limit. But hoping will be the protein drink to your heart that does nothing but strengthens it.

Hoping is positivity. There is always a little positiveness even in the well masked and self proclaimed monsters of the universe. So what are we when it comes to positivity, maybe a treasure box of good vibes. Just take a little time, discover yourself and you will find hope to be the best way out. Let that positivity in you self nourish, cherish it, water it, and wait for the result you will turn up taking the hoping way to end the dark phase.

Be positive.
Be self-motivating
Keep en espérant

Water Personified

I was at the beach the other day, adorning the the water that collided with the rocks producing a beautiful melody. The water, the way it played with sands beneath my feet, made me find it unusually beautiful. It was as fathomless as a nothing yet held a mystery, a beautiful meaning of its own. The mystery had become more conspicuous, as it had been three years I visited it last, and also, I had grown older enough to notice it. Of course.

On looking at it, I no longer had a doubt on why the writers were so fascinated by it. The sea was beauty personified, it seemed to be a secret, it screamed morals, it sang volumes, instigating me to know it deeper and deeper. I felt a sudden urge to unsolve it’s puzzle and swim to the end of its fathomlessness.

The water there was as majestic as the universe.

Science told it to be colourless still whenever it rained and the sun peeped out it would reflect the beautiful seven colours, the ‘vibgyor’, the rainbow. As a child even I had the rainbow watching memories. At that time, I didn’t find it colourless and just as a naïve child, I felt it to be colourful. Maybe it always was. That refracted light had always been nature at its best.

The water there seemed to be grief-stricken, shattered but it felt that it knew how to mend itself, it seemed to be independent enough. It did spread happiness. The beach spread good vibes. It did spread peace. It spread selfless love and harmony. It did know that isolation was surely not an escape from pain. It did know that people needed it and so it continued to help. Help the thirsty. Help the hungry and help the curious souls like me to discover the ways it mend itself

It wasn’t just showing others its happiness. No it was not that. The waves and ripples of water did sing a happy song. Not that it was never felt weak again. It did. The water did recede back during the black, motionless, melancholy night but by the morning. It was back to its place. Happy and joyous like nothing happened cause it did know that reclusion was not the way out of it.

That little drop of the huge self faced many hardships, got turned into vapour, got electrically charged, got condensed, hit the ground hard. That might have shattered its hope of gaining happiness. That might have strained it to no end but, like I said, it did know how to rise.

Now, I knew, that whenever I was down. Whenever I felt low . Whenever I cursed my life. I just had to remembered this great self. I just had to remember water. The personified the form of water that I met that day.


                                                ~ Hrida

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